Keelan Lightfoot Gurning

My name is Keelan Lightfoot. This is an old photo.

I live in Lake Country, BC, with my wife, kid, cat and dog.

By day I am a systems/dev/network guy in the world of internet connected technologies. By night I am an amateur historian and machinery hoarder.

What is the origin of Beefchicken? In 2007 I was working in a job where I had to approve or deny requests for IP addresses. Customers were required to provide a list of how they planned on using the addresses, and that list often included domain names. It was common for spammers to submit requests full of bogus information, and one such request included the claim that they needed an IP address for hosting When I checked, I found out the name wasn't registered at all. Of course, I laid claim to it, in anticipation of my denial of the request being refuted by the customer. The customer didn't follow up on the denial, and I was left with a impulse purchased domain name. I've since become quite attached to the strangely meat-oriented name.