Software Creations

I've been programming computers since I was a young'un. It started out wth HyperCard, but my need for speed eventually led me to C, then Assembly (on microcontrollers). In between, I've picked up some Java and PHP stuff, but my true favourite will always be vanilla ANSI C.

I've written a whole bunch of stuff, and I 'published' a few pieces of obscure mac shareware for public consumption in the late 90's.

I tend to write software only for myself these days; that way I only have to pay attention to making it work for me.


SimHolePunch was a silly game that I wrote circa 1998. It's special to me because it was featured in MacAddict magazine, and my hand and name were published in the magazine. SimHolePunch was included on the CD-ROM that came with the magazine as well. I distributed it as postcard-ware, and recieved post cards from around the world. I was 17 at the time, so I was quite thrilled with my .5 seconds of fame.

Available for download here!


Ottmar is a Linotype keyboard for iOS devices, and it is available in the app store!